Who We Are

Our mission at KP Contracting is to create luxurious outdoor living spaces that inspire friends and family to enjoy life together. We dedicate ourselves to building strong relationships with our customers that create a foundation for the exceptional backyards we create.

Meet the team that turns your outdoor living vision into reality.

Phillip Parson - Owner of KP Contracting

Phillip Parsons

Owner KP Contracting

Karen Parsons - Owner KP Contracting

Karen Parsons

Owner of KP Contracting

Dylan Nguyen, Sr Project Manager

Dylan Nguyen,

Sr Project Manager

Micah Busbee, Project Manager

Micah Busbee

Project Manager

Phillip Parsons, Sr Sales Consultant

Phillip Parsons

Sr Sales Consultant

Nesty Absalon, Sales Consultant

Nesty Absalon

Sales Consultant

Karen McDuffie, Bookkeeper

Karen McDuffie


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Our Values

We are an impact-driven company dedicated to demonstrating our core values in everything we do at KP Contracting.


We strive to inspire others by exemplifying respect, hard work, and eagerness to help others achieve their goals.


We focus on achieving excellence by committing to obligations, self-discipline, and innovation while pursuing high expectations.


We aim to be open and honest with every customer and always do what’s right for them.


We make ourselves accountable to our customers for every word, action, and outcome on every job.


We align our business goals with every team member’s personal and professional goals — our company wins when our team wins.


We respect the opinions of our customers and seek consensus-based solutions whenever possible.

Our core values are the backbone of our company at KP Contracting. They guide how we interact with customers and direct our hiring process and operations. We measure success by the alignment of our company mission with the individual goals of each team member.

Our Story

Karen And Phill

Our story is a little different from most construction business owners you see today. I (Phil) am an electrical engineer by degree and worked for the Department of Defense — Naval Air Systems Command — as a civilian engineer then moved up to product team leader to develop major weapons systems for Naval Aviation.

After 17 years with the DoD, I didn’t enjoy my position managing people who were testing aircraft and missile countermeasure systems in the field. I was tired of banging my head against the block wall of government bureaucracy and wanted to help others.

I wanted to build a company that would positively affect the world around me — including our clients, crew, and families.

My wife, Karen, and I launched KP Contracting in 2012 and have improved hundreds of homes and backyards since. We’re passionate about what we do and never forget that we started this business to make an impact on others.

That’s why we aim to treat our clients like part of the family and to keep their vision and personal objectives central to our business model.