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Are you looking for an alternative to college debt and a way to avoid the mounting list of unemployed, debt-ridden college graduates? Are you looking to push yourself farther than you have ever gone? Do you want to become the best version of yourself who is challenged every day with new skills and higher goals?

KP Contracting is a fast-growing company with goals and ambitions of greatness. We spend thousands of dollars each month training and mentoring every employee. We invest in our employees and provide a development path to reach a six-figure income within two years. It all depends on your drive and willingness to work hard, show integrity, study hard, and develop yourself into a productive team player. 

Working With Us

KP Contracting is a company committed to its Core Values of Inspirational, Excellence, Transparent, Accountable, Aligned, and Collaborative. They govern every aspect of the company including our employee hiring and onboarding. We contribute our success to KP Contracting’s core mission to assist every employee in achieving their personal, professional, and financial goals. It is our philosophy that “A business does not move people, but people move a business.” KP Contracting has a culture of hard work and aggressive goals, but we also enjoy one another, are drama free, and take pleasure in achieving our goals as a team. If you are growth-minded and are looking to achieve ten times more than you previously thought possible, then give us a call, and let’s discuss opportunities.

Are you up to becoming part of an awesome team!!

We are always looking for gifted young people who are zealous for more in life, but most of all people that are teachable and capable of massive action.

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We provide the best in benefits, but we also expect all employees to be part of an elite group of winners.