Warranties & Guarantees

Our Worry-Free Guarantee

(Better Than a Warranty!)

We remove all the worry of a home improvement! We develop all your HOA inputs, obtain and coordinate all the required permits and county inspections, obtain all the materials and remove all the debris when finished. All you need to do is sit back and watch. Your home and yard will be treated as if it were our own! If your outdoor remodel requires access to your indoor space during construction, we will include dust protection during the process and ensure that the end result looks as clean and finished as if nothing had happened.

Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

We never take your money and run. We will follow up with you after 60 days to check that everything looks as good 60 days later as it did the day we finished. Perhaps the dirt settled around your support posts. Maybe a grout or caulk line cracked after a change in temperature. Whatever the issue that arises, we will take care of it. If there is ever an issue with our workmanship, we will address it for free for your entire lifetime! Most of our quality materials come with a 25+ year warranty so that you can upgrade your home WORRY FREE! We are looking for relationships, not customers.